Service and process

LDC Sales & Consulting performs our brush plating service either in our workshop in Rättvik or on site with the customer to short the downtime.

Brush plating is an cold metal coating process that is an further developed from tank plating, but with an faster coating time.

  • We often plate directly to the dimensions within tolerance
  • We have around 70 different electrolytes with different hardness and properties.   This makes it possible to use this method in many different places.
  • Cold process, this means that there will not be any differences in the base.
  • Good adhesion allows the layer to be machined.
  • Mobile equipment to allow us to perform jobs on site.
  • Fast coating speed compared to plating in tanks.
  • Plating may be performed on all electrically conducting material such as stainless, cast iron, bronze.
  • Very dense layer can be obtained, good for eg corrosion protection.
  • Very compact layers can be applied, this allow very good corrosion protection.
Materials, list of the most common metal electrolytes
LDCSC-4803 Cadmium S No Bake Ph 11
LDCSC-2403 Krom HRc 70 Ph 6
LDCSC-2702 Kobolt M HRc 40 Ph 2
LDCSC-2904 Koppar Alk HRc 25 Ph 6,5
LDCSC-2903 Koppar Acid HRc 25 Ph 0,5
LDCSC-2801 Nickel bonding HRc 48 Ph 1
LDCSC-2803 Nickel HS HRc 54 Ph 7,6
LDCSC-2807 Nickel Acid HRc 48 Ph 2
LDCSC-2874 Nickel-Tung. HRc 57 Ph 1
LDCSC-5001 Tenn Brinell 6 Ph 7,3
LDCSC-3001 Zink Brinell 40 Ph 8,5
LDCSC-2827 Nickel-Cobolt HRc 50 Ph 2
LDCSC-4701 Silver HV 130 Ph 11,5
LDCSC-7901 Guld HV 110 Ph 10