Equipment and sales

Electrolytes: LDC Sales & Consulting has around 70 different plating electrolytes. Cleaning, activation, bonding layer and energy electrolytes, among other things, like nickel, copper, chromium, cobalt, tin, zinc, lead, babbit, silver and gold, to name a few.
Rectifier: 6th Generation LDC SC´s compact, mobile brush plating rectifiers. Modern lightweight system allows for easy transport and convenient work. We also have 300 amp and 500 amp rectifier.

50 amp, 8 kg                        100 amp, 10 kg                   200 amp, 18 kg

Anodes (tools): The plating tools are normally made of pure graphite, formed after the surface to be coated. Even tool made of plastic and platinum gauze occurs especially when there is production plating.

Education: Courses in the plating process, we offer courses both here in Rättvik, as well as special customized on site education with the customer. Consulting for the ordinary customers it is naturally free of charge.