Boat and power plants engine repairs

Here we have a slideshow with more information about crankshaft and engine repairs

Crankshaft for a boat motor repaired on site at the factory whet it arose handling damages on the journal. The repair took a total av 2 days with polishing and testing carried out for all the approvals of the work.
A “blue test” after work to check that the contact surface is sufficient.
Top cylinder liners fit plated with a nickel that is completely non-porous for the best corrosion protection.
Worn bearing surface repaired on site.
The seats of the exhaust valves in the cylinder heads is brushplating with a dense layer of nickel, which gives a very good corrosion protection. It’s also possible to make a measurement adjusting to not having to get up to an oversize, or as a last rescue when the seat is in the last dimension.
Main bearing positions have been restored to their original dimensions after a major accident, since these had severe injuries that had occurred on a larger boat engine. After a laser measuring all bearing positions in the block made it even more plating when it was apparent that more positions were out of line.